Growth Mindset In Practice

The school where I teach has been working hard to embed the key values of the Growth Mindset theory. Each year, I do an end of year assembly to celebrate the success of students who have applied this philosophy to their language studies. Below is a video which demonstrates how much progress one can make in language learning  in a relatively short space of time. Also doing events like this keeps me motivated and out of my comfort zone. The written test involved both colloquial and formal language. I remember once being told that you can’t teach Year 7 pupils “En ce qui me concerne” or “Ce que j’adore le plus” (as far as I am concerned/What I like most) nor the irregular past/future tenses so early. Apparently that is for KS4. However, in my view learning “je m’appelle” or “j’ai douze ans”are as demanding as the previous phrases. I believe we need to get away from labelling phrases/language structure this way. What is essential is that they are taught them when they are ready.

Unfortunately, the camera suffered a technical fault and stopped recording but you do get a feel about the demand of the test.(From 5 minutes onwards on the video) Two students managed to translate all verbs and phrases 100% correctly. More importantly, they were able to apply this knowledge in a creative manner. Most impressively, they did all of this in 12 minutes. The pupils watching played their part beautifully repeating to a deafening level “Allez!” as a way of cheering on their respective House groups.


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