The Transparent Classroom

“I learnt that I still have a lot to learn”

Maya Angelou

This is my first post for some time. I created a blog as a way to improve my teaching and collaborate with others who are also excited by how the internet can revolutionise how languages can be taught. However, I very quickly realised that if I was going to improve as a teacher then I needed to keep teaching myself new skills and continue to be a “struggling” learner. So, I basically left the blogosphere and now I devote some of my spare time on acquiring new skills which give me a great deal of enjoyment as well as making me a better teacher. I do believe that having empathy in the learning progress is essential to developing well structured learning activities.


Some colleagues at my school have this sign at the entrance of their classroom. (Myself included!)

Having said all this, I still remember reading blogs by inspiring teachers on how they were trying to improve. For instance, Chad Evans from the US, blogged about the “Transparent Classroom” and this idea resonated with me and is something I always wanted to pursue. In a nutshell, this initiative is about allowing all stakeholders to have an opportunity to see teachers in action. It also helps with developing a good relationship between the home and the classroom which is an important factor, in my opinion, for improving standards. So, I am about to embark on allowing parents/guardians watch me teach a group of twelve year old students for forty minutes.  Will I be nervous having parents observe me? Yes, but I am more excited by what I am going to learn by the experience of interacting with them in a classroom setting.

Watch this space!







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