My Year Learning French and Spanish

My name is “Leonardo” and I have studied French for two terms with Mr Maclean. I have also spent the Summer term learning Spanish. Before starting High school, I did some French at Primary school. However, the way I was taught was very different to now.

I remember in my first lesson with Mr Maclean, he played us a video of him being egged and he urged us to use a website called Memrise. This motivated me to work hard at home so that I could egg him at the end of year. In lessons this year, we did lots of speaking activities and we played with a soft toy called the “Doudou”. We also learnt about “power” verbs which allow you to make your own language. At the end of lessons, Sir would play us funny songs in French or Spanish and give us sweets. Sometimes at lunchtime, Mr Maclean would show me how to learn/use different verbs tenses. I would also be made to do translations and say things out loud.

I can speak Gujurati and enjoy learning new languages. Next year, I intend to continue learning Spanish.

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